søndag 15. mars 2009

Towards a Hardware Communism

I start the discussion with three features: food, shelter and tools. Please help.

1. Food - Seeds: of course they are not unlimited, however they depend to a great extent on other resources – just as information is reproduced depending on other resources (hardware and human). The reproducibility of seeds (and the recombination thereafter) is therefore indefinite – there is no limit to how much can be done with them.

2. Shelter - Couchsurfing etc. Less and less houses and more mobility - shelter communism will require rethinking nuclear families living in an enclosed space and all that this entails. People could visit and do jobs with machines and hardware.

3. Tools - freecycling. There is just too much stuff, that can be recombined in different ways and the recombination can be made available to all (it's information).

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